Local Love // Teaspressa

Local Love // by Emily Wertz

The Who: Teaspressa

The Where: Arcadia in Phoenix, AZ (map)

The What I Love: Teaspressa is coffee inspired Tea, that is all natural + organic. The brand, the vision, the boss-babe who created Teaspressa, everything. The Arcadia location is as light & bright, as the teas + macarons they sell. The Menu standouts are the The Ruby Rose Avocado Tea Toast + my favorite secret menu item: The Leya (Matcha + Vanilla + Rose) . Teaspressa has the attention to detail, thoughtful flavors and an atmosphere that enhances each sip + bite.

Bottomline: Teaspressa is a must-visit Tea + Coffee shop, whether you are just visiting Arizona or are a Local. Their shop hours are Monday- Friday | 8am – 6pm // Saturday & Sunday | 9 am – 5 pm. Go to their social media for more! Teaspressa Facebook // Teaspressa Instagram // Teaspresssa Pinterest //

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